We Offer a variety of services  - individualized therapy (children, adolescents, transitional age youth, couples, and family), support groups, behavioral treatment, life coaching, parenting education, workshops, trainings, consulting, etc. – each of which is intended to provide support, problem-solving, symptom-reduction, insight, education, social and emotional development, and contributions to overall personal and professional success.

Our Counselors promote complete wellness of the mind, body, and spirit through a holistic, comprehensive, and integrated approach to mental health services.  We work collaboratively with other health care providers to ensure the receipt of quality, culturally diverse, and comprehensive treatment.


Our Counselors

Our Services

The Vision of CCCOC is to embrace the psychological profession by empowering those seeking services to learn more about themselves, experience personal growth, continue healthy development, and achieve what is uniquely desired.  

We accept private pay, certain HMO insurances, and most PPO plans.


Our Vision

We Believe that therapy is to be affordable,

accessible, and attainable to all those interested

in benefitting from our diverse services.